User guide

Unravel user interface (UI) is reorganized for ease in navigation including re-grouping of functionalities. Multi-cluster support is added which allows you to monitor multiple clusters from a single Unravel deployment.


The following tabs can be seen on the Unravel UI:

  • Clusters

    Formerly Operations contains all information across the entire cluster. The Reports > Operational Insights functions/reports have been moved here.

  • Jobs

    Replaces Applications

  • Data

    Formerly Reports > Data Insights.

  • Reports

    This is now a repository for the archives and scheduled reports.

  • Migration

    Formerly Reports > Migration Planning.

  • Alerts

    Formerly Manage > AutoActions.

Getting Started

Access to UI features is dependent on the role assigned by Admin, ranging from highly restrictive to complete UI access.

Admin/Cluster Management
Project Management/Management

Admin can schedule regular reports to be automatically emailed.

  • User Reports (track top users, applications, etc.)

  • Executive KPIs (cluster usage KPIs, including for YARN and Impala)