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v4.1.9.4 Release notes

Software version

On-premise RPM




New features

  • Application data from Resource Manager is published to jc topic and then processed by JCW2 daemon to create entry in jobs table, and create hitdoc. This ensures that kill apps (jhist and job conf files are not available in HDFS) are available in Unravel.

  • Cluster Analytics

Tested platforms

  • CDH with Kerberos

  • HDP with Kerberos

  • EMR 5.2.X

  • Qubole Spark type cluster

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue of "Done directory setting via UI"

  • Fixed the issue of "Config wizard not showing the value of spark event log location"


  • Improved bootstrap scripts for Qubole and EMR

  • Improved setup scripts for HDP and MapR

  • Improved experience deploying and configuring the Unravel Resource Metrics Sensor

  • One single distribution package - no need to download separate ZIP file for MR and Spark

  • Simplified configuration - the common settings are all included and don't need to be specified by the user

  • Improved Unravel Resource Metrics Sensor performance

Spark support

  • Tag interesting Spark apps, usability improvements, time breakdown event

  • Put caps on the maximum number of executors in recommendations

  • Differentiate among actionable events in Spark using dynamic ranks as in Hive and MR

  • Bounding executor logs + efficient log processing, API to access Spark configuration from MySQL

  • Accessing S3 log files fixes:

    • Mapping multiple S3 buckets to the same S3 profile

    • Set the S3 region to a custom one.

    • Scripts and DSL API extension to generate large Oozie workflows programmatically

Workflow support

  • Oozie workflow pipeline:

    • Improve backend storage efficiency of Oozie workflows.

    • Test and pass changes on large Oozie workflows.

  • Tagged workflow change:

    • Enable using Python script to tag any Unravel supported applications.

    • Enable user to tag Oozie workflow via similar approach. If a user enables this feature, the Oozie workflows won't show up; instead, the selected (tagged) applications will be grouped into a single tagged workflow and presented in the Workflows tab.

  • Airflow improvements

MR insights

  • Improvement to Hive/MR time breakdown event.

  • Mark interesting events to be shown on front end.

  • Get ApplicationMaster log for app performance tuning for MR jobs.

Known issues

  • Considerable delay in MR jobs to appear on UI. delay is more than 15 to 25 minutes in EMR. Need serious investigation on MR pipeline to identify if there are issues with long SQL queries, non-indexed column or JCW.

  • Running Nested oozie workflow since 4 hours. jhist files for many jobs are missing (source - unravel_emr_sensor.log in EMR cluster).

  • Improve/Rewrite EMR bootstrap script to avoid all manual steps.