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v4.2.7 Release notes

Software version

Release 04/11/2018

For details on downloading updates see v4.2.7.

Certified platforms

  • CDH: On-premise CDH (up to v5.13 incl. Spark 2.2.x)

  • HDP: On-premise HDP (up to v2.6)

  • Please review the compatibility matrix before upgrade/installation.

Unravel sensor upgrade

  • Recommended. See bug fixes below for further information.

New features

  • TEZLLAP-5: TEZ APM support on CDH Platform.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • UNRAVEL-3686 & UNRAVEL-3685: Set default intervals to last 24 hours and hourly in OPS dashboard and Applications page.

  • UKAFKA-1: Slowing down and reducing metrics collections for Kafka monitor which can be controlled using config file.

  • USPARK-36: Added support for Spark tagging by default.

  • TEZLLAP-19: Hive Template Changes: Failed and killed Tez DAGs are linked with hive now.

Bug fixes
  • Stability and Robustness Fixes across features.

  • Sensor Fixes for Robustness

    • SENSOR-20: Improved sensor configuration problem detection routine.

    • SENSOR-17: Fixed RSS calculation for process tree.

  • USPARK-15, USPARK-16, USPARK-38 & USPARK-39: Spark Scalability Bug Fixes. Optimized configuration settings for Spark worker daemon. See New Configuration Settings below.

  • UIX-7,UIX-8, UIX-14, UIX-20: Miscellaneous UI Bug Fixes dor stability and correctness.

  • TEZLLAP-6, TEZLLAP-7, TEZLLAP-19: TEZ Bug Fixes.

  • UNRAVEL-3583, UNRAVEL-3598:Auto Action Bug Fixes.

  • Impala tagging via Python script is overridden by Impala Query Options on CDH 5.13.

  • Repackaged embedded Jackson libs.

Known issues

  • None

New configuration settings

Please see Spark properties for Spark Worker daemon @ Unravel for a complete explanation of each property, including default settings and any caveats.

  • com.unraveldata.onprem: Specifies whether the deployment is on premise or on cloud.

  • Specifies when to process stages and jobs.

  • Maximum number of jobs/stages stored in the DB.

  • com.unraveldata.spark.hadoopFsMulti.useFilteredFiles: Specifies how to search the event log files.

  • com.unraveldata.spark.hadoopFsMulti.eventlog.suffixes: Specifies the event log file suffixes used for prefix+suffix search.

  • com.unraveldata.spark.time.histogram: Specifies whether the timeline histogram is generated or not.