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v4.5.0.9 Release notes

Software version

Limited Release Date: 06/17/2019

See v4.5.0.9 for download information


This is a limited release only.

Unravel has only tested upgrading from,, and

Software support
Certified platforms

Please review your platform's compatibility matrix before you upgrade/install. Note: The following matrices are subject to change.

  • ATSv2.0.

  • Small Files Report in MapR.

  • Long Running Hive Query auto action not supported on HDP-3.0 +.

Unravel sensor upgrade

If you are upgrading from:

  • 4.3.x or 4.4.x: you must upgrade the Unravel sensor.

  • - 4 .5.0.4: you must install the new sensor.

  • - the sensor is current.

  • If you are doing a new/fresh install, you must install the new sensors.

New sensors

  • Parcel version: 1.0.4507001

  • Sensor version:

Updates to Unravel's configuration properties
New features
  • None

  • None

Bug fixes
  • Customer reported

    • Can now connect to SSL enabled Kafka cluster. (CUSTOMER-932).

    • RBAC:: When enabled

      • Non-admin user can see the workflow tab. (CUSTOMER-922).

      • Applications can be filtered by the real user by setting the property com.unraveldata.rbac.default=user. (CUSTOMER-958)

  • Hive and Spark can now be linked via setting in hive-conf, or in the hive CLI or beeline session. (CDH 5.14 only.)

  • S3A file system is supported.

  • Special Characters in passwords are not supported. (CUSTOMER-440, CUSTOMER-552)

  • AutoActions: Violation badge does not display for a killed application. (AA-91)

  • Cluster optimization report is empty when one day interval is selected. (REPORT-565)

  • Data Iinsights page

    • Accessed Partition is missing in Data page. (DATAPAGE-105)

    • Created and Accessed Partition details are missing. (DATAPAGE-109)

  • HBase: Spaces in names are missing in HBase table name. (UIX-1736)

  • Impala chargeback

    • Graph index does not have a tool tip to display the complete text. (UIX-1834)

    • UI should display "No Data Available" message when graph is not displayed. (UIX-1832)

  • Migration planning (formerly Cloud reports): You must select an instance type (< 30 types) when choosing EMR as the Cloud Provider.

  • MR: The Move to Queue option in Actions (MR APM) does not work. (PLATFORM-1195)

  • Platform

    • appstatus.AppInfoAccessor: Unable to update ES document. (CUSTOMER-658)

    • Spark worker is missing Azure libraries which causes failure when loading event log and executor logs from Azure.

    • RM Polling delayed when yarn kill and move actions are enabled in AutoActions.

    • Setting impalad as Impala data source raises errors for invalid http address. (PLATFORM-1444)

    • Security

      • LDAP upgrade configs script not updating hive.server2.auth.ldap.base property to com.unraveldata.ldap.baseDN property. (INSTALL-170)

      • When SSL is enabled, Unravel configuration script hangs.

  • Queue analysis: Graph zooming and resetting not working properly in Edge. (UIX-158)

  • RBAC: For Hive on spark applications, the spark applications are not filtered based on real user. (CUSTOMER-958)

  • Spark

    • Load logs: Yarn logs might not get loaded if event logs are not loaded and sensor data is not available.

    • Pipeline: The live UI for Spark applications is auto refreshed every 60 seconds, but the live data Unravel collects is only updated upon Job start, and Stage and Job completion. This can make the Spark Navigation tab appear static, i.e., not updated, during long-running stages.

  • Tez: Vertex name is null. (TEZLLAP-227)

  • Top X report

    • Hive-on-Spark queries show zero for vcore-seconds, memory-seconds and cluster usage duration. (PLATFORM-1425)

    • Hive-on-Tez apps show vcore seconds and memory seconds values as zero. (TEZLLAP-249)

For support issues, contact Unravel Support.