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v4.5.0.6 Release notes

Software version

Release Date: 03/11/2019

See v4.5.0.6 for download information.

Software upgrade support
Certified platforms

Please also review the Compatibility Matrix before upgrade/install.

  • CDH: On-premise CDH 6.0, 5.15, 5.14

  • HDP: On-premise HDP 3.0, 2.6.5, 2.6.4, ATS v1.5

  • MapR: 6.1.0, 6.0.0, 5.2.0

Supported OS and software
  • OS

    • RedHat/CentOS: 6.6-7.5

    • SELinux with Enforcement mode on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.4 (Maipo)

      • Targeted Policy v.28

  • Database (PostgreSQL is bundled)

    • MySQL: 5.5, 5.6, 5.7(recommended)

  • Database driver

    • MySQL: 5.1.47

Supported browsers
  • Chrome: 70.x

  • Internet Explorer: IE 11

Unravel sensor upgrade

Current *Sensor* Version

Current CDH / HDP / MapR Version

Upgrade to Needed?

CDH 5.15/CDH 6.0

(Parcel version: 1.0.4500006)

HDP 2.6.5

(Sensor version:


CDH 5.15/CDH 6.0

(Parcel version: 1.0.4500006)

HDP 2.6.5

(Sensor version:


CDH 5.15/CDH 6.0

(Parcel version:1.0.4500006)

HDP 2.6.5

(Sensor version:


CDH 5.15/CDH 6.0

(Parcel version:1.0.4500006)

HDP 2.6.5

(Sensor version:


CDH 5.15/CDH 6.0

(Parcel version:1.0.4500006)

HDP 2.6.5

(Sensor version:



CDH 5.15

(Parcel version:1.0.4400001)

HDP 2.6.5

(Sensor version latest:



CDH 5.14

(Parcel version:1.0.65)

HDP 2.6.5


Updates to Unravel's configuration properties
New features
  • None

Improvements and bug fixes
  • Application Page Filters - added ability to select multiple users and multiple queues.  (CUSTOMER-491)

  • Restrict TLS protocols for Log Receiver communication.  (CUSTOMER-669)

  • HDP 3.0 now supports the Small Files Report. (REPORT-315)

Bug fixes
  • Session can now be enabled/disabled via com.unraveldata.session.enabled. (CUSTOMER-425)

  • Spark application now displays job status in navigation tab for RBAC controlled non-admin users. (CUSTOMER-616) AutoAction works as per the condition. (CUSTOMER-632)

  • Add OID query filter to avoid timeouts in oid based group lookup. (CUSTOMER-643)

  • Symbolic link to  /usr/local/unravel/logs is retained after upgrade. (CUSTOMER-647)

  • HBase OS Metrics supports CDH. (CUSTOMER-653)

  • Impala queries now showing up on the Unravel UI. (CUSTOMER-654)

  • Cluster optimization tab populates correctly. (CUSTOMER-656)

  • Restrict TLS protocols for Log Receiver communication.  (CUSTOMER-669)

  • Min and Max Filters have been added for queue analysis page. (CUSTOMER-685)

  • Unravel no longer loses connectivity with RM for long period of time. (CUSTOMER-708)

  • Airflow Dags are parsed correctly. (CUSTOMER-725)

  • AA processing leading to JdkHttpClient: HTTP Transfer will be suspended. (CUSTOMER-736)

  • Schedule notification mail modification. (CUSTOMER-751)

  • Cloud discovery functionality in cloud reports no longer fails when using Ambari Metrics System without sufficient historic data. (CLOUD-220)

  • Add es_checker in es migration. (INSTALL-144)

  • Removed /bin/hadoop dependency in rpm installation. (INSTALL-147)

  • Moved Airflow to a different thread. (PLATFORM-1294)

  • Queue analysis data is correct when queues are created or deleted in a middle of the report range. (REPORT-316)

  • Cluster name containing spaces are shown properly in UI. (UIX-1647)

  • Spark Program display now links to the source code line correctly. (UIX-1677)

  • Clicking an application in application tab no longer leads to spinner and no server response on API query. Detail is now displayed for application. (UIX-1690)

Known issues
  • On table details page, table names are shown without name space. (UIX-1736)

  • HBase table pagination is incorrect (HBASE-95)

  • In Usage details tab, filtering by tag does not show the corresponding apps. (UIX-1738)

  • Data IO does not capture the Read IO. (UIX-1737)

  • PostgreSQL DB is now usable across all features. However, we do not recommend it for production usage at this time.

  • Ondemand is not compatible with RHEL 7.1.

  • Special Characters in passwords are not supported. (CUSTOMER-440, CUSTOMER-552)

  • need to be updated with the full path of MySQL. (CUSTOMER-648)

  • Add support for custom SSL cert for Ambari and Cloudera Manager in Ondemand reports. (CUSTOMER-649)

  • Forecasting tab throwing error potentially due to SSL or bad configs. (CUSTOMER-655)

  • appstatus.AppInfoAccessor: Unable to update ES document. (CUSTOMER-658)

  • Unravel_tw is not able to connect to hive metastore hosted on MariaDB. (CUSTOMER-716)

  • Auto Action Inconsistencies: Hive Long-Running Query (CUSTOMER-724)

  • Data Insights page does not show data. (CUSTOMER-754)

  • MR: Actions: Move to Queue does not work. (PLATFORM-1195)

  • Cloud Reports: You must select an instance type  (>30 types) when choosing EMR as the Cloud Provider. MR app does not have cluster ID when it has Data I/O. (CLOUD-263)

  • Upgrade from to on CDH-5.16 cluster 17 services stop working. The services start only after executing switch to user hdfs. (INSTALL-145)

  • Kerberos: kerberos.principal in unravel properties does not take effect. (INSTALL-148)

  • FSimage download will not trigger after install. (REPORT-262)

  • OnDemand feature (small files) is not working if sentry is enabled in the cluster. (REPORT-323)

  • Vertex name is null. (TEZLLAP-227)

  • Top X Report: Hive-on-Tez apps will show vCore seconds and memory seconds values as zero. (TEZLLAP-249)

  • Repeated Events are showing up in the Event box for the failed Tez apps. (TEZLLAP-259)

  • The group-by pie charts in Cluster Discovery may be empty if don't have enough historic data. (CLOUD-221)

  • Queue Analysis graph zooming and resetting not working properly in Edge. (UIX-1589)

  • Data Insights Page: Does not show any data/graph for Hot, Warm, and Cold data fields. (UIX-1707)

  • Sessions button is not enabled by default in the UI. (UIX-1725)

  • Last update for SQL query plan is not reaching to spark worker. (USPARK-162)

  • No Support for ATSv2.0

For support issues, contact Unravel Support.