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v4.5.0.3 Release notes

Software version

Release Date: 01/28/2019

For download location, see Downloads.

Software upgrade support
Certified platforms

Please also review the Compatibility Matrix before upgrade/install.

  • CDH: On-premise CDH 6.0, 5.15, 5.14

  • HDP: On-premise HDP 2.6.5, 2.6.4

  • MapR: 6.1.0, 6.0.0, 5.2.0

Supported OS and software
  • OS

    • RedHat/Centos: 6.6-7.5

    • SELinux with Enforcement mode on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.4 (Maipo)

      • Targeted Policy v.28

  • Database (Postgres is bundled)

    • MySQL: 5.5, 5.6, 5.7(recommended)

  • Database driver

    • MySQL: 5.1.47

Supported browsers
  • Chrome: 70.x

  • Internet Explorer: IE 11

Unravel sensor upgrade

Current *Sensor* Version

Current CDH / HDP / MAPR Version

Upgrade to Needed?

CDH 5.15/CDH 6.0

(Parcel version:1.0.4500006)

HDP 2.6.5

(Sensor version:


CDH 5.15/CDH 6.0

(Parcel version:1.0.4500006)

HDP 2.6.5

(Sensor version:



CDH 5.15

(Parcel version:1.0.4400001)

HDP 2.6.5

(Sensor version latest:



CDH 5.14

(Parcel version:1.0.65)

HDP 2.6.5


Updates to Unravel's configuration properties
New features
  • NONE

Improvements and bug fixes
  • Auth tokens for REST API expiration date extended along with ability to invalidate them. (CUSTOMER-495)

  • Airflow now supports HTTP. (CUSTOMER-456)

  • Support added for encrypted password from for OnDemand. (CUSTOMER-594)

  • Support for SELinux is enabled on Unravel Edge Node. (CUSTOMER-419)

Bug fixes
  • Impala Chargeback shows "User" field data in report. (CUSTOMER-605)

  • Unravel Spark sensor supports clusterId with spaces. (CUSTOMER-595)

  • Airflow connectivity fixed. (CUSTOMER-575)

  • Airflow Workflow are now displayed on Workflow page. (CUSTOMER-458)

  • unravel_ondemand daemon is now included in (CUSTOMER-434, CUSTOMER-375)

  • Queue Analysis collects metrics for nested queue on HDP when configured to use Fair Scheduler. (REPORT-294)

  • Queue metric sensor works with remote clusters if RM is not accessible via HTTP or if TLS with authentication is enabled, (PLATFORM-927, PLATFORM-1052)

Known issues
  • PostgreSQL DB is now usable across all features. However we do not recommend it for production usage at this time.

  • RBAC tagcmd does not always work in all environments. (CUSTOMER-592)

  • Special Characters in passwords are not supported. (CUSTOMER-440, CUSTOMER-552)

  • fs image download will not trigger after install. (REPORT-262)

  • Queue Analysis graph zooming and resetting not working properly in Edge.(UIX-1589)

  • Cloud Reports: You must select an instance type (< 30 types) when choosing EMR as the Cloud Provider.

  • Hbase is not working when clusterID contains a space, e.g., cluster 25. (HBASE-83)

For support issues, contact Unravel Support.