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v4.5.2 Release notes

Focused on Amazon EMR, Azure HDInsight, and Azure Databricks

Software version

Release Date: 07/15/2019

See v4.5.2.0 for download information.

Software upgrade support

  • Upgrade from only. See here for specific upgrade information.

Certified platforms

Please review your platform's compatibility matrix below before you upgrade/install.

Unravel sensor upgrade

  • Sensor upgrade is required if you are upgrading from Unravel v4.5.0.5

Updates to Unravel's configuration properties


All On-Demand Features

  • Sessions

  • Reports

    • Capacity Forecasting

    • Migration Planning

    • Cluster Optimization

    • File Reports

    • Queue Analysis

    • Small Files

    • Top X

New Features and improvements

Bug fixes

Known issues

For support issues, visit Unravel Support.