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v4.2.6 Release notes

Software version

Release Date: 03/05/2018

For details on downloading updates see v4.2.6.

Certified platforms

  • CDH: On-premise CDH (up to v5.13) with Kerberos enabled.

  • HDP: On-premise HDP (up to v2.6) with Kerberos enabled.

  • MapR: (up to version MapR5.2) with Kerberos enabled.

Unravel sensor upgrade

  • Not Required, recommended for high volume

New features

  • UNRAVEL-3576: SLES parcels support - beta

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • Security audit Issues

    • UNRAVEL-3421: Session Timeout set to 1 hr now.

    • UNRAVEL-3426: Tomcat version disclosure in headers, now says "unravel/4.x".

  • High-volume cluster support

    • UNRAVEL-3679: Reduce disk and RAM overhead.

    • UNRAVEL-3512: Increase File descriptor limits.

    • UNRAVEL-3555: Adjust RAM usage.

    • UNRAVEL-3552: collect only minimal set of resource usage metrics by default.

  • UNRAVEL-3543: Improved reliability in Unravel Impala worker.

Bug Fixes
  • UNRAVEL-3520: For N/A type Impala query, fixed NPE in missing fields in query profile.

  • Security Audit Issues

    • UNRAVEL-3416: Security Fixes to prevent SQL injection.

    • UNRAVEL-3418: XSS - Cross-Site Scripting.

  • UNRAVEL-3444: State of settings from db lost in running processes if properties edited by hand.

  • UNRAVEL-3583: Email related fixes in Unravel AutoAction.

  • UNRAVEL-3597: Improvements in AutoAction page loading.

  • UNRAVEL-3536: Prevent jackson lib conflict in hive-hook sensor.

  • UNRAVEL-3546: Prevent re-submitting application data from unravel_es.

Known Issues
  • Secure cookies and headers (UNRAVEL-3419, UNRAVEL-3420)