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v4.5.0.8 Release notes

Software version

Release Date: 06/05/2019

See v4.5.0.8 for download information


Unravel has only tested upgrading from and

Software support
Certified platforms

Please review your platform's compatibility matrix before you upgrade/install.

  • ATSv2.0.

  • Small Files Report in MapR.

  • Long Running Hive Query auto action not supported on HDP-3.0 +.

Unravel sensor upgrade

If you are upgrading from:

  • 4.3.x or 4.4.x: you must upgrade the Unravel Sensor.

  • - 4 .5.0.4: you must install the new sensor.

  • - the sensor is current.

  • If you are doing a new/fresh install, you must install the new sensors.

New sensors

  • Parcel version: 1.0.4507001

  • Sensor version:

Updates to Unravel's configuration properties
New features
  • AutoActions: AutoActions for workflow app can be created from Workflow Apps page.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Added support for Yarn Logs Index Format.

    • Added support Hive Hook for Hive versions 2.3.2, 2.3.4.

  • Oracle Hive Metastore (CUSTOMER-479)

    • Added support Oracle Hive Metastore without requiring WRITE permissions.

    • Data Insights page now populates correctly when using Oracle.

  • Small Files: Added support TLS.

  • Yarn Move/Kill Action is now configurable and can now be turned off. (CUSTOMER-889)

  • AutoActions for Workflow apps can be created from Workflow apps page.

  • Kafka

    • The aggregation size in the Kafka KPI queries is now configurable for Cluster, Broker, Topic and consumer group. (CUSTOMER-830)

    • User can select time range to use for Broker and Topic lists.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Data Insights > Overview: Added KPI which shows the total size of all tables.

    • Admins can disable user's ability to Kill/Move apps.

    • Complete RM Diagnostics Failure Messages are displayed in Error views.

    • The current version of Java (Java 8u202) is now bundled.

  • Sessions: Improved error handling for Spark and Hive.

  • Small files

    • Improved debugging ability and error handling.

    • Reports are now archived.

  • Spark

    • Load Logs

      • UIX Improvement to capture the progress while the Load Logs is running.

      • Feature enhanced further to load event logs as well if not loaded.

      • Improved AppBadge messages under Load Diagnostics for capturing the failure reasons.

    • TLS

      • Added BTrace support.

      • Added HiveHooks support.

Bug fixes
  • Customer reported

    • HDFS dependency for Hive hook removed. (CUSTOMER-518/CUSTOMER-668)

    • Diagnostics files are no longer empty or incomplete. (Customer-621)

    • Unravel_tw can connect to Hive Metastore hosted on MariaDB. (CUSTOMER-716)

    • Application page no longer show "zombie" apps (apps listed as running but with no queue or cluster information). (CUSTOMER-838)

    • AutoActions: ImpalaDuration (duration) value is correctly labeled as milliseconds. (CUSTOMER-905)

    • Capacity forecasting

      • Error no longer thrown due to SSL or bad configs. (CUSTOMER-655)

      • Works when missing data in Cloudera Manager. (CUSTOMER-781)

    • Data insights

      • Pages load faster for clusters with a large number of Tables /Partitions. (CUSTOMER-181)

      • Support added for clusters with a large number of Tables/Partitions. (CUSTOMER-185)

    • Infrastructure: charts are no longer cropped. (CUSTOMER-645)

    • Kafka topic under Summary shows summation of the latest KPI value of all the brokers and also showing tooltip message for the KPI. (Customer-877/Customer-884)

    • OnDemand reports: Added SSL cert support for Ambari and Cloudera Manager. (CUSTOMER-649)

    • Small files report now works when Hiveserver2 is SSL enabled. (Customer-817)

    • Spark: Added a button to STOP UI Auto Refresh for streaming apps during running state. (Customer-839)

  • HBase

    • Table pagination is correct. (HBASE-95)

    • HBase tables RegionCount and AverageRegionSize column populates for on-premise cluster. (HBASE-98)

    • OS metrics no longer show null values. (HBASE-101)

  • Impala: Data IO captures the Read IO. (UIX-1737)

  • MR

    • Cluster ID displayed when app has Data IO. (PLATFORM-1430)

    • Indexed Format is supported and MR Task Logs are populated. (PLATFORM-1464)

  • Platform

    • YarnRMConnector is polling JMX from standby RM instead of active. (PLATFORM-1399)

    • Removed support for ingesting ES MetricBeat data. (PLATFORM-1265)

  • Queue analysis

    • Works for HA enabled RM. (PLATFORM-1423)

    • Data updates when secondary RM is active in HA configuration. (REPORT-393)

  • Small files

    • fs_image download triggers after install. (REPORT-262)

    • Works when sentry is enabled in the cluster. (REPORT-323)

    • ETL fsimage creation no longer fails with failure_message "Task validation failed: Failed to run hdfs command". (REPORT-609)

  • Tez/LLAP

    • Repeated events no longer appear in the event box for the failed Tez apps. (TEZLLAP-259)

    • Number of events shown in annotation and UI match. (TEZLLAP-270)

    • DAG is loaded when reducer vertex data is missing. (UIX-1653)

  • Workflow: Sub-workflow details are loaded. (UIX-1838)

  • Special characters in passwords are not supported. (CUSTOMER-440, CUSTOMER-552)

  • AutoActions: Violation badge does not display for a killed application. (AA-91)

  • Cluster optimization report is empty when one day interval is selected. (REPORT-565)

  • Data insights page

    • Accessed Partition is missing in Data page. (DATAPAGE-105)

    • Created and Accessed Partition details are missing. (DATAPAGE-109)

  • HBase: Spaces in names are missing in HBase table name. (UIX-1736)

  • Impala chargeback

    • Graph index does not have a tool tip to display the complete text. (UIX-1834)

    • UI should display "No Data Available" message when graph is not displayed. (UIX-1832)

  • Migration planning (formerly Cloud reports): You must select an instance type (< 30 types) when choosing EMR as the Cloud Provider.

  • MR: The Move to Queue option in Actions (MR APM) does not work. (PLATFORM-1195)

  • Platform

    • appstatus.AppInfoAccessor: Unable to update ES document. (CUSTOMER-658)

    • Spark worker is missing Azure libraries which causes failure when loading event log and executor logs from Azure.

    • RM Polling delayed when yarn kill and move actions are enabled in AutoActions.

    • Setting impalad as Impala data source raises errors for invalid http address. (PLATFORM-1444)

    • Security

      • LDAP upgrade configs script not updating hive.server2.auth.ldap.base property to com.unraveldata.ldap.baseDN property. (INSTALL-170)

  • Queue analysis: Graph zooming and resetting not working properly in Edge. (UIX-158)

  • Spark

    • Load logs: Yarn logs might not get loaded if event logs are not loaded and sensor data is not available.

    • Pipeline: The live UI for Spark applications is auto refreshed every 60 seconds, but the live data Unravel collects is only updated upon Job start, and Stage and Job completion. This can make the Spark Navigation tab appear static, i.e., not updated, during long-running stages.

  • Tez: Vertex name is null. (TEZLLAP-227)

  • Top X report

    • Hive-on-Spark queries show zero for vcore-seconds, memory-seconds and cluster usage duration. (PLATFORM-1425)

    • Hive-on-Tez apps show vCore seconds and memory seconds values as zero. (TEZLLAP-249)

For support issues, contact Unravel Support.