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Log Receiver (LR) Load Balancer

When Unravel sensors generate many messages and send them to the Unravel server, the default deployment of the Log Receiver cannot process all messages in the peaks. In such cases, use the load balancer to enable horizontal scaling and improve the overall high availability (HA) of the log receiver (LR) service.

Horizontal scaling with a log receiver involves deploying multiple JVM instances of the log receiver component across multiple servers or virtual machines. This approach allows Unravel to handle more logs and distribute the processing of messages across multiple resources.



  • Load balancing: Distributing messages equally across multiple instances of the log receiver allows Unravel to avoid overloading any single machine. Currently, load balancing supports the log receiver running on the core node.

  • Scalability: Adding more JVM instances of the log receiver allows Unravel to handle a higher volume of logs.