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Planning guidance

This section explains what settings you need to specify or give access to, and why.

Security aspects related to Unravel Server

Unravel UI and API are Unravel's user-facing components. For instructions on enabling TLS (SSL) for the Unravel UI, see Enabling TLS.

Risk audit mechanism

Unravel logs its actions on the same EC2 instance that hosts Unravel Server, in /usr/local/unravel/logs/unravel_ngui.log.


There are two components of the cost to the user in using Unravel:

  1. Cost of AWS components:

    Cost of the running Amazon EC2 instance that has the Unravel Server deployed on it + Cost of Amazon EBS storage + Cost of RDS (if applicable)


  2. Cost of Unravel license:

    Unravel comes with a 30-day trial license. This means you can deploy and use Unravel for 30 days without any additional licenses. To obtain a license after the trial, contact us to discuss your needs and Unravel's terms and conditions.


AWS cost allocation tags can be used to track your AWS costs on a detailed level. It is recommended to enable and set both types of cost allocation tags: AWS generated tags as well as user-defined tags. For details, see Using cost allocation tags.