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Ensure that your environment meets these requirements.


Each version of Unravel has specific platform requirements. Check Unravel's MapR compatibility matrix to confirm that your cluster meets the requirements for the version of Unravel that you're installing.

  • If you're running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.x, boostrap.system_call_filter is set to false in elasticsearch.yml:

    boostrap.system_call_filter: false
  • libaio.x86_64 is installed.

  • For Unravel version, SELINUX is set to permissive or disabled in /etc/sysconfig/selinuxg. For Unravel versions, SELINUX can be set to enabled.

  • PATH includes the path to the HDFS+Hive+YARN+Spark client/gateway, Hadoop commands, and Hive commands.

  • Zookeeper is not installed on the same host as the Unravel host.

  • You must have root access or "sudo root" permission to install the Unravel Server RPM.

  • If you're using Kerberos, we'll explain how to create a principal and keytab for Unravel daemons to use to access these HDFS resources:

    • MapReduce logs

    • YARN's log aggregation directory

    • Spark and Spark2 event logs

    • File and partition sizes in the Hive warehouse directory

  • Unravel needs access to the YARN Resource Manager's REST API (so that the principal can determine which resource manager is active).

  • Unravel needs access to the JDBC access to the Hive Metastore. Read-only access is sufficient.