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Upgrading sensors on EMR

This topic explains how to upgrade unravel sensors and unravel_es daemon in EMR nodes.

Case 1: Cluster was brought up via bootstrap.
Case 2: Ansible script was run after the cluster was brought up, no bootstrap action.


EMR bootstrap action does not upgrade sensor on existing nodes, run ansible script once to perform the sensor upgrade.

  1. Follow the steps in Connect the Unravel EC2 Instance to an Existing EMR Cluster to upgrade sensor on all nodes.

  2. Restart hive-server2.

    sudo stop hive-server2
    sudo start hive-server2
Case 3: Using Unravel sensor autoscaling to connect the cluster. (Upgrading from
  1. Stop unravel_es.

    sudo /etc/init.d/unravel_es stop
  2. Remove unravel_es database.

    sudo rm -rf /usr/local/unravel_es/unravel_h2*
  3. Rerun script.

    sudo python --unravel-server Unravel Server --sensor-autoscaling